The Key Technology Innovation and Industrialization Application of Water Soluble Herbal Plant Terpenes for Harm Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement developed by the research team that led by Mr. Jin Xiangfan--the founder and chief scientist of TerpeneX, is leading the health industry of terpene used industrial hemp to a new height and achieving the activation, fashion, electronics, and intelligence of pharmaceutical plant terpenes.

This technology will effectively solve the pain points of industrial hemp health industrialization, extract natural water-soluble terpenes from fresh and dry flower stems of industrial hemp, achieve product standardization and scale, and provide a bottom API technology platform for the terpene used industrial hemp health industry chain, and effectively solves the problems encountered in the extraction of industrial hemp, such as oil-water insoluble, odorless, dry product extraction, decolorization, vaporization at room temperature, pesticide residues, heavy metals, etc. It breaks through the world problem of water-soluble natural plant terpene additives in food and cosmetics.


Contributors to China's technological innovation and development

Chief Scientist of Bright International Food Industry Fund

Founder of TerpeneX and inventor of Herbal Amrita

He has successively engaged in nonlocal information medicine, frontier science of spin field, photovoltaic agriculture, plant factory, artificial intelligence affective computing, Chinese medicine biotechnology and other industries

Researched and developed the herbal detoxification process, and obtained a number of national invention patents; integrated BT and IT technology, applied herbal medicine plants to the field of full-spectrum atomization

Xiangfan, Jin

Xiangfan, Jin and Raphael Mechoulam
(The founder of cannabis research, organic chemists of Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel)
Xiangfan, Jin and Moshe Flaishman
(ARO Institute of Cannabis Reproduction and Biotechnology, National Agricultural Research Institute of Israel)
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